how it works

1. Find a hawker

Browse our platform to find a hawker that is (a)nearby and (b)suits your taste!

2. Contact the hawker

After clicking on the selected hawker to view their menu and contact details. Whatsapp/call them directly to arrange for pickup/deliver.

3. Make payment

To ensure that hawkers receive the full order amount payment should be done directly between the customer and the hawker(s) to avoid any 3rd party commission fees.

The Big Why.

Due to a lack of support and viable initiatives, many hawkers are getting left behind in the current digital wave. seeks to help hawkers build an online presence that will complement their business and allow them to remain relevant.
As the hawkers are busy creating the food that we love, let us do the digital work for them!


Listing is only the first step to digitilization. We have planned an array of functionalities to extend our mission to digitalize our hawkers. Stay Tuned!

If you're a hawker

What are you waiting for? Contact us now and we'll get you all setup within 24 hours, weekends included!

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