How do I get listed on Ourhawkers?
Simply drop us a text on Whatsapp to start!
We do not charge any fees to be listed. The platform is entirely free to use and does not charge any commissions for orders.
Unfortunately, we don't provide delivery services. We understand that some hawker businesses may not yet have their own delivery network. Don't fret, we have a solution to this without having to charge any commission fees - stay tuned!

Our Platform

Delivery apps charge businesses a 30% commission fee on every order, it's no surprise businesses resort to marking-up their prices on these platforms. For us, we don't charge hawkers a single cent for anything so that they can put their real prices on our, making it better for everyone!
The whole idea of is connecting users to their favourite hawkers so that you can place your orders with them directly This elimiates the middleman, saving you delivery fees and the unreasonable 30% commission fees delivery apps are charging hawkers.
Simply enter your postal code in our homepage and you'll see a list of hawkers that's in your area from nearest to furthest away from you.
Alternatively, you may also find hawkers based on food categories.
Ourhawkers is a platform that allows you to explore hawker food near you. Using Ourhawkers, you will be able to find hawker menus, view opening hours and even place orders directly with your favourite hawker.